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Standard Gigging Setup

Standard Gigging Setup

Standard Gigging Setup

Standard Gigging Setup


7 Drums, 8 Cymbals
Standard Gigging Setup

Yes I know - there's quite a bit of it but surprisingly it does actually work for must pubs and clubs without forcing the bass player to stand in the loos. And unlike the big kit it only needs one hardware and one cymbal case which is a distinct advantage. Depending on the gig I do leave the mini-tymps and 14 crash at home though since not every style of music needs high pitched toms.


1 - Mapex Orion 8"x5" Mini-Tymps (x2)
2 - Mapex Orion 10"x8" Tom
3 - Mapex Orion 12"x9" Tom
4 - Mapex Orion 14"x14" Tom
5 - Mapex Black Panther Snare (various - depends on gig)
6 - Mapex Orion 20"x16" Kick 

Cymbals (All Zildjian)

A - A Series 14" Crash
B - A Series 16" Projection Crash
C - A Series 16" Fast Crash
D - A Series 16" Medium Crash
E - A Series  18" Projection Crash
F - A Series 8" Splash
G - A Series 14" Mastersound Hi-Hats
H - A Series 21" Sweet Ride


AA - Yamaha Clickstation