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Compact Setup

Compact Setup

Compact Setup

Compact Setup


4 Drums, 6 Cymbals
Compact Setup

I really bought this for rehersals but it's a great little kit for tight venues. Mapex Pro M kits at the time had the same basic shell construction as the Orions so it sounds great. The only issue for loud rock gigs is that the 18" kick does need to be put through the PA or it gets a bit lost. Obviously that helps with any setup but it's pretty much essential for this one. 


1 - Mapex Pro M 12"x8" Tom
2 - Mapex Pro M 14"x14" Tom
3 - Mapex Black Panther Snare (various - depends on gig)
4 - Mapex Pro M 18"x14" Kick 

Cymbals (All Zildjian)

A - A Series 16" Projection Crash
B - A Series 16" Medium Crash
C - A Series  18" Projection Crash
D - A Series 8" Splash
E - A Series 14" Mastersound Hi-Hats
F - A Series 21" Sweet Ride


AA - Yamaha Clickstation